Baby-friendly Places

ever since i got pregnant … and gave birth, i have been replacing all my magazines with baby-related magazines 🙂 i came across this interesting article in the April 2005 issue of Smart Parenting, which i will just summarize:

According to Dr. Herminia Gozar, a long-time medical practitioner of family medicine at the Gozar Medical CLinic in Quezon City, “if a place takes into consideration the health, safety, and special needs of infants, then it’s baby-friendly.” in addition to having high chairs, restaurants and other public places “should be smoke-free, well-ventilated, have friendly and helpful personnel, clean and functional facilities like restrooms with diaper-changing tables, and minimal noise.”

since an infant has less resistance against infection, as compared to adults, parents should choose “reputable, not-so-crowded establishments.”



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