The Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act


“Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act”

Approved as an amendment to RA 7600 or the “Rooming-in and Breastfeeding Act of 1992”

• Approved on Third Reading on December 21, 2006 while the House is expected to pass its version soon.

• Principal Authors: Cayetano, Flavier, Ejercito-Estrada J., Lacson

• With amendments introduced by Angara, Ejercito-Estrada L., Pangilinan

• Establishes a national policy on breastfeeding and seeks to reverse the decline in breastfeeding rates. It reinforces the “National Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, Breastmilk Supplements and Other Related Products” (Executive Order No. 51), also known as the Milk Code, that was enacted in 1986 to control the unethical marketing practices of milk companies

• Lactation Stations shall be established and maintained in Workplaces and in Public Places. Lactation Stations must be private, clean and well-ventilated, adequately equipped with a sink or lavatory for hand-washing and cleaning of equipment unless there is an easily accessible lavatory nearby. There must also be refrigeration or appropriate cooling facilities for storing, electrical outlets for breast pumps, a small table, comfortable seats and such other items which the Department of Health (DOH) as implementing agency may determine to be necessary.

• Lactation periods shall be established to allow nursing female employees reasonable compensable time during the day to either breastfeed or express their milk.

• Establishments which set up a lactation station may use the designation “Mother-friendly” in promotional materials.

• The DOH, as the lead agency, shall be mandated to develop and provide breastfeeding programs for working mothers which employers are encouraged to avail of as part of their human resource development and which shall be disseminated to all city, municipal and barangay health centers.

• Breastfeeding education shall be integrated in relevant subjects in the elementary, high school and college levels, especially in the medical and allied medical courses, and in technical vocational education. The inclusion of breastfeeding in the curriculum will help counter perceptions brought about by the lack of information on breastfeeding to the public and massive advertisements of Breastmilk Substitutes by milk companies.

• The month of August in each and every year shall be known as ‘‘Breastfeeding Awareness Month.” A comprehensive public education and awareness program shall be undertaken in this regard.



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